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Leisure Iron Art Bar Tables Simple Kitchen Furniture Home Wooden High Table Balcony The Wall Long Table Cafe Table and Chair Set


Leisure Iron Art Bar Tables Simple Kitchen Furniture Home Wooden High Table Balcony The Wall Long Table Cafe Table and Chair Set


“Transform your space with our iron art bar tables. Elevate your home bar with high-quality construction and timeless design. Buy now for an exquisite experience!”

Please let us know the Sea Port name nearest your place before ordering.

we will help you to check the Shipping costs 

and also provide Wholesale for bulk ordering.


45cm high stool75cm high stool120x40x75cm walnut140x40x75cm walnut160x40x75cm walnut180x40x75cm walnut200x40x75cm walnut120x40x105cm walnut140x40x105cm walnut160x40x105cm walnut180x40x105cm walnut200x40x105cm walnut

Leisure Iron Art Bar Tables Simple Kitchen Furniture Home Wooden High Table, Balcony The Wall Long Table Cafe Table and Chair Set

Elevate Your Home Bar Experience

Unleash the connoisseur in you with our Leisure Iron Art Bar Tables. Crafted to perfection, these exquisite pieces are designed to take your home bar to new heights. Elevate your space, embrace style, and indulge in the art of mixology.

  • High-quality iron art construction
  • Stunning design for a touch of luxury
  • Optimal height for a comfortable bar experience

Durability Meets Elegance

Our Simple Kitchen Furniture Home Wooden High Table is not only stylish but also built to last. This high table combines durability and elegance, making it the perfect addition to your home. Its wooden top adds a warm touch to any interior, and its sturdy construction ensures it will stand the test of time.

  • Durable wooden tabletop,
  • Sleek, modern design,
  • Suitable for kitchen or dining area,

Versatile for Any Setting

The Wall Long Table, a versatile furniture piece that blends form and function seamlessly. This table is not limited to one use; it can be a stylish desk, a chic dining table, or a statement piece in your living room. Its adaptability is truly unmatched.

  • Space-saving design,
  • Ideal for home offices or dining areas,
  • Adds character to any room,
  • Iron art bar tables,
  • Simple kitchen furniture,
  • Home wooden high table,
  • The Wall long table,
  • Versatile furniture,

Important Notes:

For a better shopping experience in our store, we suggest you read the shipping notes carefully
before you place an 
order because the delivery time and tax policies are different for different countries.

About the shipment:

For most countries, it is normally shipped by sea to the port which is close to your address, if you need door-to-door delivery, please contact us for the exact delivery cost. thanks.

Thank you, hope you enjoy your shopping.


1. As the furniture has large dimensions, we will ship your order by sea and ship to the nearest port to your

city. Generally, the shipment by sea takes 20-45 days to your local port. So please be careful to place the order

if you need it urgently.

2. For customers from Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong, we will deliver

directly to your home address without paying extra tax Or custom costs. To deliver to remote villages Or

islands, please send your address to us to confirm first before placing the order.

3. For customers from the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, we will deliver to your city Or home

address and the shipping fee differs according to different addresses, so please contact us first for inquiries of

the shipping fee before placing the order.

4. The shipping fee for the rest countries (including most European Countries) is CIF(Cost Insurance and

Freight), which means the goods must be picked up by yourself at the port, not directly to your home

address; when goods arrive at your local port, you need to pay a local charge+tax+custom clearance fee.

2)Delivery Time:

We support customized services, so please inquire us first about the customized colors or materials before placing an order.

Because it takes different times to purchase different fabrics or leather materials, the exact delivery time of your order can only be confirmed after we check all the details. Generally, we will ship your order within 3-10 days.

If you want to know more details about the delivery times or need to customize colors or materials, please contact our online customer service, and we will reply to you within 24 hours.

3) Feedback:

a. If you feel not satisfied with our products, we can directly communicate privately, and we

promise to offer you a better service. Please do not leave bad feedback to draw our attention.

b. If you feel satisfied with our products, it is our pleasure to see your 5-star feedback. And we are

appreciate your indispensable support to us.


45cm high stool, 75cm high stool, 120x40x75cm walnut, 140x40x75cm walnut, 160x40x75cm walnut, 180x40x75cm walnut, 200x40x75cm walnut, 120x40x105cm walnut, 140x40x105cm walnut, 160x40x105cm walnut, 180x40x105cm walnut, 200x40x105cm walnut


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