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Rattan Storage Cabinet: Accent Cabinet with Doors Buffet Cabinet with Storage for Living Room Hallway Bedroom

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Rattan Storage Cabinet: Accent Cabinet with Doors Buffet Cabinet with Storage for Living Room Hallway Bedroom

“Transform your space with our crafted rattan storage cabinet. Organize in style with this versatile buffet cabinet, offering timeless appeal and elegant storage solutions. Elevate your living with functionality and sophistication.”


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Rattan Storage Cabinet: Accent Cabinet with Doors Buffet Cabinet with Storage for Living Room Hallway Bedroom

Elegance Redefined: Rattan Craftsmanship

Elevate your living space with our Rattan Storage Cabinet, a masterpiece of exquisite craftsmanship. Crafted from high-quality rattan, this accent cabinet seamlessly combines durability with sophistication. The intricate weaving patterns create a timeless aesthetic that adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Unveil the charm of natural materials as the cabinet doors showcase the artistry of rattan, bringing a sense of warmth and organic beauty to your surroundings. Embrace a unique blend of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, making this storage solution a statement piece for your living room, hallway, or bedroom.

  • Rattan Storage Cabinet
  • Accent Furniture
  • Crafted Rattan Design
  • Organize in Style: Versatile Storage Solutions

    Experience the perfect harmony of functionality and style with our Buffet Cabinet. This versatile storage solution caters to your organizational needs while exuding a fashionable flair. The thoughtfully designed interior provides ample space for stowing away belongings, keeping your living area clutter-free.

    The cabinet features multiple compartments, ideal for neatly organizing items in your living room, hallway, or bedroom. From blankets and linens to everyday essentials, our buffet cabinet transforms storage into a stylish affair. Discover the joy of a well-organized space without compromising on aesthetics.

  • Buffet Cabinet
  • Versatile Storage
  • Clutter-Free Living
  • Timeless Appeal: Storage with a Purpose

    Introducing our Buffet Cabinet with Storage, a fusion of practicality and timeless appeal. Elevate your home decor with a piece that not only serves its purpose but also becomes a focal point of admiration. The blend of modern design and classic storage functionality makes this cabinet an essential addition to your living space.

    The doors open to reveal spacious shelves, providing a dedicated space for your belongings. From dinnerware to cherished items, this storage cabinet caters to various needs. Invest in a piece that stands the test of time, both in durability and aesthetic appeal.

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  • Elegant buffet cabinet,
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Product Information


Product Name:Rattan Storage Cabinet: Accent Cabinet with Doors, Buffet Cabinet with Storage for Living Room, Hallway, Bedroom


Main Color:Natural


Product Style:American Design,Contemporary,European,Luxury,Modern

Main Material:Engineered Wood

Cabinets Storage Quantity:1-2 Shelves

Cabinets Features:Adjustable Shelves

Use Case:Primary Living Space

Cabinets Type:Accent Chests

Cabinets Finish:Natural

Product Dimensions

Assembled Length (in.):31.50

Assembled Width (in.):15.75

Assembled Height (in.):30.31

Weight (lbs.):46.30

Package Size Outer Package Images

Length (in.):36.20

Width (in.):17.90

Height (in.):6.89

Weight (lbs.):50.00

Product Features

  • 1. Contemporary Appearance: Enhance your living space with this modern buffet sideboard cabinet, featuring a sleek and stylish design that complements any decor.
  • 2. Stable Frame: Built with a sturdy frame, this sideboard cabinet offers reliable support and durability, ensuring it will last for years to come.
  • 3. Multifunctional Storage: With ample storage space, including cabinets and shelves, this small buffet cabinet provides a convenient solution for organizing and storing various items.
  • 4. Convenient Design: Designed with user convenience in mind, this narrow sideboard cabinet features easy-to-open doors and a compact size that fits perfectly in any room.


the perfect combination of classic vintage charm and contemporary design. This small sideboard cabinet with doors offers ample storage space while adding a touch of elegance to any room. Crafted with a rattan element, this modern buffet cabinet features a simple yet stylish construction that complements various interior styles. Its narrow design allows it to fit seamlessly into smaller spaces, making it an ideal accent cabinet for living rooms, kitchens, or any room in need of extra storage.


Weight 20000 kg


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