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Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner Cordless Automatic Vacuum Electric Brushes Outdoor 5200mAh Recharge Cruising Ability 120 Minutes


Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner Cordless Automatic Vacuum Electric Brushes Outdoor, 5200mAh Recharge Cruising Ability 120 Minutes


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Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner Cordless Automatic Vacuum Electric Brushes Outdoor, 5200mAh Recharge Cruising Ability 120 Minutes



White Features:
Robotic pool cleaner with cordless design, free your hands and say goodbye to the annoying tangled cords.
Dual powerful motors and oversized intake collect more debris like leaves, sand, and gravel.
The surface control system adjusts to pool surface type for maximum climbing capability up to 18°.
2 independent scrapers help scrub the bottom of your pool.
Built-in 5200mAh battery quickly recharges in 3-4 hours and works for up to 120 minutes.
Automatically stops nearby the pool wall on low battery, easy to retrieve with the included hook.
Suitable for pools with flat grounds, such as indoor rectangle, and outdoor rectangle/ellipse/circle pools.

Material: ABS
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
Charging Time: 3-4 hours
Working Time: 120 minutes
Waterproof Grade: IPX8 waterproof
Filter: 180um
Rated Working Voltage: 11.5V
Adapter Rated Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
Adapter Rated Output Voltage: 12.6V
Size: 33 * 33 * 15cm / 13 * 13 * 5.9in
Net Weight: 3.5kg / 7.7lb
Package Size: 36 * 36 * 19cm / 14.2 * 14.2 * 7.5in
Package Weight: 3.99kg / 8.8lb

Package List:
1 * Robotic Pool Cleaner
1 * Power Adapter (110-220V)
2 * Bottom Scraper
2 * Bolt
1 * Handle
1 * Hook
1 * User Manual

Type A Features:
Cordless Cleaning: This pool cleaner robot features a cordless design, allowing it to move freely around your pool without getting tangled up in cords or hoses. Equipped with a dual-drive powerful suction motor, this pool vacuum robot can easily pick up dirt, debris, and leaves from the bottom of your pool, leaving it sparkling clean.
Large Battery Capacity: With a large capacity 11.5V 5200mAh battery, this cordless pool vacuum can run for up to 120 minutes on a single charge, ensuring that it can clean even the largest of pools, and optimal cleaning effect within 100 square meters.
Self-Parking Ability: When the cleaning cycle is complete, this automatic pool cleaner will automatically return closer to the shore, making it easy to store and ensuring that it’s always ready for the next cleaning session.
Compact & Lightweight: The sturdy handle of the pool vacuum facilitates the effortless removal of the pool vacuum from the pool upon completion of pool maintenance and includes hooks for fastening to standard pool poles.
Installation Notes: Put into or lift out of the pool with the cleaner bottom towards the wall to avoid any possible scratches to the pool. Install the swing plate and floating handle before using and install the scrapers to enhance the suction effect. When fastening the top cover and chassis, please focus more on the installation direction: the arrow position near the cover buckle should be aligned with the hole position near the chassis buckle.

Product material: ABS
Product size: 330 x 330 x 230mm / 12.99 x 12.99 x 9.05in
Product weight: 3.5kg / 7.71lb
Moving speed: 17 meters/minute
Cleaning area: 100 square meters / 1076.39Sq.Ft
Battery: 5200mAh
Charging time: 3-4h
Working time: 120min
IP grade: IPX8 waterproof
Filter density: 180um
Rated working voltage: 11.5V
Rated input frequency of adapter: 50/60Hz
The rated output voltage of adapter: 12.6V
The rated output current of adapter: 2A
Power: 28W
Filter capability: about 45L/min
Pool water temperature: 8-37°C
Charging environment temperature: 0-37°C
Storage temperature: 0-37°C
Max. water depth: 3.0m / 9.84ft
Plug type: US plug (110V), EU plug (220V), UK plug with adapter (220V), AU plug (220V) (Optional)

Packing List:
1 x Pool Cleaner
2 x Bottom Brushes
2 x Screws
2 x Scrapper
1 x Handle
1 x Retrieving Hook
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Manual

Type B Features:
Wireless and Safe Pool Cleaning Machine: Powered by a built-in Battery, one button can scrub pool surfaces of any shape with the push of a button. Cordless design, which no more gives you messy hose and cable, ensures nimble movement and also gets rid of the risk of accidental electrocution from a corded.
Suction Power: Equipped with 35W motors provide suction action and propel it forward at a speed of 19.6-59 ft/min. Our Pool Cleaner also features 2 independent scrapers that scrub the bottom of your pool. Besides picking up fine leaves, sand, dirt, and other debris, it removes grime and sediment so that you do not have to get in the water to clean.
Smart Self-Parking Tech: Your pool cleaner will automatically stop near the edge of your pool when the battery is low or when the filtration system is jammed and need to cleaned. Using a hook makes retrieving the machine simple without the need to get wet.
Easy to Use: Our cleaning robot with 7.53 lbs weight, lighter than most of the machines on the market.  It’s easy to use and operate. Just power the unit on, drop it in, and walk away. Work up to 90 min after one full charge. An economical cleaning tool for your house!
Supported Pool Types: Perfect for round, oval, irregular, and rectangular pools; The deepest water depth is no more than 2.5m, which can clean 800ft² (80m²) area of the pool.

Model: W002
Plug: (EU/US/UK/AU) Optional
Product Size: 14.8×13.15×6.8in
Product Weight: 3.42kg/7.53lb
Color: Grey&Black
Rated Power: 35W
Rated Work Voltage: 11.1V
Water Suction Port Quantity: 2
Filtration density: 75um
Moving speed: 6-18/min (19.6-59ft/min)
Battery: 5000mAh
Charging Time: 2.5-3hrs
Discharging Time: ≥90min
IP Level: IPX8
Power Adapter Voltage: 100-240V
Package Size: 44x35x19.5cm/17.3×13.7×7.6in
Package Weight: 3500g/7.7lb

Packing List:
1 x Pool Robot Cleaner
1 x Power Adapter


White US Plug, Type A AU Plug, Type A UK Plug, Type A EU Plug, White EU Plug, Type A US Plug, Type B AU Plug, Type B UK Plug, Type B EU Plug, Type B US Plug


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