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Vintage Retro Ebike Classic Li-Lion Smart 48V Cafe Racer Electric Bicycle Cruiser Electric Motor Bike



Vintage Retro Ebike Classic Li-Lion Smart 48V Cafe Racer Electric Bicycle Cruiser Electric Motor Bike

“Experience nostalgia with our Vintage Retro Ebike. Classic design meets 48V power for an efficient and stylish electric biking adventure.”




Vintage Retro Ebike Classic Li-Lion Smart 48V Cafe Racer, Electric Bicycle Cruiser Electric Motor Bike

“Experience Timeless Style”

Unveil the charm of the past with our Vintage Retro Ebike Classic Li-Lion. This timeless electric bicycle combines classic aesthetics with modern technology. Glide through the streets in style, turning heads and relishing the envious glances of passersby.

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“Effortless Power and Efficiency”

Discover the future of biking with our Smart 48V Cafe Racer Electric Bicycle. This cutting-edge e-bike offers a seamless and efficient ride. The 48V Li-Lion battery provides ample power, ensuring you effortlessly conquer hills and cruise through your city.

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Unleash Your Inner Adventurer”

Rev up your passion for adventure with our Electric Motor Bike. The Cafe Racer design, coupled with electric efficiency, allows you to explore new horizons with ease. Whether it’s a daily commute or a weekend getaway, this bike is your ticket to exciting journeys.

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Secutronic-manufacturer of electric bicycles-classic electric motorcycle

Brief introduction of bicycle motorcycle

What is it?

The retro electric bike is an electric moped designed to evoke classic motorcycles like Billy Munro’s Indian.

When it comes to functionality, this bike is difficult to classify. Despite its style, it’s not a motorcycle. Despite the moniker “electric bike”, it is not something you can use just like an e-bike. There are no pedals, so as not to get exercise with other e-bike options. However, at 35kg (77 lbs), many people do not want it. Instead of pedals, the electric keys are equipped with motorcycle-style pegs to relax your feet while you’re on the go. The result is a product that has much more in common with small traditional bikes than with its electric bike brothers.

TheElectric Bike is self-propelled with a Bosch electric motor in the rear wheel and powered by replaceable battery packs that fit the panels behind the motor. A pair of caliper brakes on each wheel provides a safe and fast stop. The front and rear shock absorbers promise a smooth ride without jogging beating the spine that you can have experience on older gas-powered mopeds.

How fast is it going?

The electric bike will not set any speed records. At a top speed of 28 mph, it is more suited to casual city trips than to crazy ashes through the Bonneville salt flats. That does not prevent it from being an elegant, innovative, and practical option. Speed is closer to conventional mopeds than other electric bikes, to make local commissions, deliveries and trips practical.

What’s the gamma?

As with any bike that clocks at almost 100 pounds, you want to know how far you can go before you are the one to ride it. The manufacturer says that one or two battery packs can power the bike. With a single battery pack, rides will be able to travel 30 miles without a charge; The second battery doubles the range to 60 miles.

Where can I go?

Registration, licensing, and insurance requirements on these types of electric bikes blurring the line between the bicycle and the motor vehicle are still blurry. You will need to study the local laws in your area to see what is allowed, what is required, what is crossed out, and what still needs to be treated.

What else is Cool?

The stylish Ovid battery packs of the electric bike come with a USB socket that allows you to charge your devices on the go. The paintwork is covered with a transparent UV protective coat to ensure that it retains its beautiful appearance even after years in the sun.

Images of Fat Boy electric motorcycles

Specifications of retro electric motorcycle
Description of the V1 electric motorcycle

1. Professional manufacturer of electric bikes/bicycles/scooters with 5 years of research, development and production experience.


2. Our advanced technology and quality management guarantee superior quality at a reasonable price.


3. Fast delivery: Usually shipped in 2-3 days for items in stock and generally takes 1-2 weeks for bulk orders.


4. Easy communication and quick responsibility, warm heart after-sales service.


Please keep your purchase receipt as a sales voucher. The electric bike/bicycle (artificial damage and breakdowns) is provided an after-sales service in accordance with the terms and conditions:

1. The scooter warranty is 1 year except for consumable devices.

2. Tire is the consumable device, so its warranty is 1 month.

The following cases are not guaranteed:

1. Accidents caused by the user did not use, maintain, and adjust the scooter according to the manual.

2. The user makes alterations. Damage caused by revision and non-compliance with use with regulations, with an accident.

3. improper storage or failure of the user caused by accidents.

4.No warranty card or card can not match the purchase receipt.

5. The appearance of damage after use is not covered by warranty.

6. Self-demolition of damaged parts added to the manual.

7. Long ride in the rain or damage caused by immersion in water.

Parameters of the classic electric motorcycle

The main size of retro electric bike:
Length 1850mm

Height 950mm

Front track/width electric bicycle of this fashion 630mm

Distance 1125mm

Ground space 260mm


Main performance quality 42kg


Rated voltage 48V


The maximum quality of 100KG load and plusmn; 1%


Grade (load 80KG) & le; 15 & deg;


Design of aluminum alloy frame


Maximum design speed low speed: & le; 20 km/h


High speed: & le; 50 km/h


Dryland & le; 1m (20 km/h)


Braking distance (wetlands) & le; 1.5m (20 km/h)


Front shock absorber central spring adjustable shock absorber


Adjustable spring shock absorber rear shock absorber


Aluminium alloy fork


Rear flat fork


Tire specifications front 26 inch X 3.0


Rear tire size 26″ X 3.0


Standard Double Piston Disc Brake Front Brake Method


Standard Double Piston Disc Brake Rear Brake Method


Seat height 810mm


Maximum left rotation angle & le; 40 & deg;


Right & le; 40 & deg;


Maximum turning angle 30 degrees;

Battery system battery type 18650 lithium battery


Voltage 48V


Capacity of 11.6AH


Charging current Standard 3A


Maximum discharge current 10A


Standard charging time: 6H


Maximum mileage 50KM


Single cell capacity 2900mah


Battery weight 3.1kg


Battery charge and discharge 2000 (80% DOD)


Battery protection system 13S/17A same port


Fire retardant ABS battery compartment cover material

Power supply system motor type Brushless DC High Magnet


FOC Motor Controller Vector Controller


Rated motor power and speed 500W/430rpm


Maximum motor power and speed 800W/430rpm


Maximum torque and engine speed 42N.m/40rpm


Maximum recoverable energy level III 82%


Maximum current controller 17 and plusmn; 1A


Engine power consumption 82%

Lighting electric headlights, LED headlights


Daytime running light LED light


Direction indicators LED direction indicators


USB charging port


GPS positioning system


Remote control Match APP Mobile, car positioning, car lock


Smart Meter LED Display

Basic parameters Type of product Retro electric bicycle
Model Style Double wheel
Maximum load 1 person
Car weight 100Kg
Cruise range 50Km
Brake type Front and rear disc brakes
Type of battery Lithium battery
Battery weight 3.1kg
Tyre performance Exclusive tread 6 wheels + Monroe
26 inches * 3.0
Body Frame design Aluminium alloy
Frame design Low speed: 20 Km/H, high speed & le; 50 km/h
Braking distance (normal) & Le; 1M (20 Km/H)
Braking distance (wetlands) & Le; 1.5M (20 Km/H)
Front shock absorber Adjustable central spring damper
Rear shock absorber Adjustable spring shock absorber
Fork Aluminium alloy
Rear fork Aluminium alloy
Front brake mode Standard Double Piston Disc Brake
Rear brake mode Standard Double Piston Disc Brake
Seat height 810 mm
Maximum turning angle 40 & deg;
Pasteurella Type of battery 18650 lithium battery
Tension 48V
Capacity 11.6ah
Standard charging current 2A
Maximum discharge current 10a
Standard charging time 6h
Maximum cruising range 50Km
Single-cell capacity 2900Mah
Battery weight 3.1kg
Battery charge and discharge times 2000 times (80% Dod)
Battery protection system 13S/17Same mouth
Battery compartment cover material Fire retardant abs
Power supply system Engine type Brushless DC high Magnetic Motor
Engine controller Fire vector controller
Rated engine power 400W
Engine torque and rated speed 14N.M/400Rpm
Maximum Controller Current 17 and plus; 1A
Energy consumption of 100Km 1.2Kwh
Electric motor Nominal voltage 48V
controller Undervoltage protection value 42V
Overcurrent protection value XV
Illumination Headlamps LED headlight
Daytime running lamp LED light
Direction indicators Led direction indicators
USB charging port Having
GPS positioning system Pair phone app to locate retro electric bike, lock it
Smart meter LED display
Personalization Colour scheme Can be customized according to user needs
Battery expansion 1 group
Applications for Cruiser electric motorcycles
Product name Vintage Retro Ebike Classic Li-Lion Smart 48V Cafe Racer Electric Bicycle Cruiser Electric Motor Bike
Article Classic electric motorcycle
Product Vintage Electric Motorcycle
Pasteurella 48V Lithium 11.6Ah
N.W./G.W. 55kg / 90kg
Styles Retro electric bike
Engine power 400W
Maximum braking distance 1m (20 km/h)
Maximum load 100KG
Delivery time 2-3 days
Maximum turning angle 30 degrees
Producer Secutronic Technology professional manufacturer of advanced vehicles and personal solutions that increase your productivity and reduce costs. Secutronic is dedicated to improving customer satisfaction through advanced technology and a commitment to innovation, quality, value, and design. Its state-of-the-art digital technology, a strong R&D department and a well-trained production team help produce the most advanced products.
Advantage advantage ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, superior quality with competitive price; Timely delivery

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1. Shipping:

– Packaging: bubble bag + EPE foam + inner box + 7 layer corrugated cartons

– A piece of cardboard.


2. Express/Air delivery:

– Bubble bag + EPE foam + inner box + 7 layer external corrugated cartons + wooden frame holder

1 piece for one carton, wooden frame holder


3. Rail transport:

– Bubble bag + EPE foam + inner box + 7 layer external corrugated cartons + wooden frame holder

-1 piece for one carton, wooden frame holder


The package can also be made according to customer requirements.

Let us know if you need special packaging.





Advantage advantage
1. Quality control:
Strict and professional QC terms, 100% raw material inspection, 100% QC inspection, 100% finished products inspection before shipment, and 50% samples inspection after packing. You can take us as a reliable supplier providing quality products at competitive prices and prompt delivery.
2. OEM order:
OEM orders are welcome. Secutronic is a professional electric scooter manufacturer, that has the ability to provide design and customization.
3. Sample order:
Sample order and mixed order/color acceptable, plus good price and warm service.
4. Certificates:
CE, RoHS, EEC, COC, ISO9001 ISO14001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system.
5. Timely delivery:
We have sufficient stocks and strong production capacity to ensure delivery time, delivery time is less than 90% of suppliers, and 99% of orders can be shipped on time.
6. PAYPAL payment:
Secure and fast PayPal payment. T/T, Western Union, Paypal, and Escrow all acceptable.
7. ONLINE Service:
All questions received a response in 24 hours, if you have any questions about this product, please contact us for free.
We have full confidence in understanding that our products could make you a good market and good profit, our fashion products with good price and quality could make both parties win-win business. Our business logic is that win-win cooperation is really a success.


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