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ZPW X20 Electric Bicycle 2000W 48V35AH Hydraulic Oil Brake E-bike 20inch 4.0 off-road Tire Electric Bike Adult Mountain Ebikes


ZPW X20 Electric Bicycle 2000W 48V35AH Hydraulic Oil Brake E-bike 20inch 4.0 off-road Tire Electric Bike Adult Mountain Ebikes

“Experience thrill and eco-conscious commuting with the ZPW X20 Electric Bicycle. Conquer any terrain with a powerful 2000W motor and reduce your carbon footprint. Ride in comfort and style today!”



ZPW X20 Electric Bicycle 2000W 48V35AH Hydraulic Oil Brake E-bike 20inch, 4.0 off-road Tire Electric Bike Adult Mountain Ebikes

Unleash the Adventure with ZPW X20 Electric Bicycle!

Conquer Any Terrain

Revolutionize your rides with the ZPW X20 Electric Bicycle! This e-bike is engineered for thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. Say goodbye to limitations as you conquer rugged off-road trails, city streets, and everything in between.

With its powerful 2000W motor and 48V35AH battery, the ZPW X20 ensures an electrifying experience. Whether you’re navigating through steep mountain trails or cruising along urban pathways, this electric bike effortlessly adapts to your journey.

Key Features:

  • 2000W Motor for Incredible Speed
  • 48V35AH Battery for Extended Adventures
  • Hydraulic Oil Brake System for Safety
  • 20-inch 4.0 Off-Road Tires for Superior Traction
  • Perfect for Adventurous Adults

Eco-Friendly Commuting

Make a difference while you ride! The ZPW X20 Electric Bicycle is not just about adventure; it’s also an eco-conscious choice. By opting for this electric bike, you contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and promoting a cleaner environment.

Embrace sustainable transportation without compromising on speed or style. Glide through the city streets silently and emission-free, all while making a positive impact on our planet.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Silent and Pollution-Free Commuting
  • Perfect for Eco-Conscious Individuals

Unmatched Comfort and Durability

Experience the epitome of comfort and durability with the ZPW X20. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable ride, even during extended journeys. The hydraulic oil brake system guarantees your safety, allowing you to confidently tackle any downhill slope or sudden stops.

Crafted with premium materials, this electric bicycle is built to last. Whether you’re an avid adventurer or a daily commuter, the ZPW X20 promises longevity and reliability.

Key Advantages:

  • Ergonomic Design for Comfort,
  • Hydraulic Brake System for Safety,
  • Built to Last for Years,
  • Electric bicycle,
  • Off-road e-bike,
  • Adventure bike,
  • Eco-friendly transportation,
  • Electric mountain bike,
  • Hydraulic brake system,
  • Electric bike for adults,
  • Long-lasting e-bike,
  • Carbon footprint reduction,


Our Advantages:

1. ZPW is a professional manufacturer engaged in R&D, electric bike production, and scooter. We have been working in the e-bike industry for almost 10 years.


2. We have the most professional R&D team and the most professional production technology.


3. We have the strictest quality control to make the parcels safe to transport. We also have the best after-sales service

Order reminder:

Dear friends


We will pay VAT orders, you do not need to pay extra!


Transportation time for EU orders shipped from China takes about 55 days


Russia:30 days


United States:7-10 days


Canada:7-10 days


United Kingdom :5-7 days


Japan: 10 days


South Korea: 10 days


Switzerland, Norway:10-15 days UPS transport


Mexico: 50-60 days


Australia: 30 days


Kazakhstan: 25 days


Belarus: 25 days


Vietnam :7-10 days


Thailand: 10-15 days


Taiwan: 5-7 days


Hong Kong: 3 days


Packing list:

Electric bicycle*1


Battery *1


Multi-function tool*1






Gift: Mudguard*2

X20 Basic Feature:

Expanded size: 171*60*110cm


Wheelbase: 1080mm


Actual weight: About 36kg


Battery weight: About 6-7.5Kg


Mode: pure electric, electric assist, pedal


Frame material: aluminum


Front fork: hydraulic front fork


Braking system: front and rear mechanical hydraulic brakes


Transmission system: rear drive


Tire size: 20*4.0 Chaoyang


Waterproof grade: ip67


Applicable height: 160-195cm


Display: LCD


Maximum speed ≤55km/h


Endurance 150-300km


Slope <35°


Load weight≤150kg


Motor parameters: 48v2000w


Motor type: DC brushless high-speed motor


Charging Output power 3A


Charging time 4-6H


Battery type: 18650 or 21700 lithium battery


Capacity 10-35AH


Undervoltage protection: 39V


Overcurrent protection: 28A




Rated Passenger Capacity

One Seat


Luxury Type

Max Speed


Range per Power

> 60 km

Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy



Wheel Size



> 500w



Power Supply

Lithium Battery



Brand Name


ZPW Moddel



Mainland China


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